Rezoning Under the New Unified Development Ordinance Takes Shape

This morning’s N&O (Sunday Sept 8, 2013) is reporting that City Council unanimously rejected a plan for a 24 hour Sheetz gas station at the corner of New Hope and Buffaloe roads. We convey this story because it sets some precedent regarding future development in our area.

The N&O reports that Council denied a rezoning application that would have “cleared the way for the station.” There is now a two-year waiting period before anyone can propose another rezoning. The N&O notes that an applicant can request that the waiting period be waived.

The N&O notes that Councilors Odom and Stephenson “had previously noted their objections to the plan, saying they did not think a gas station was an appropriate fit for a residential neighborhood.” The N&O further states, “After the vote, Stephenson said the controversy around the proposed rezoning highlights the need for a discussion about how to create walkable shopping areas that will be appealing to nearby residents, unlike the Sheetz proposal.” Stephenson is quoted, “Can we have a conversation about how we’re actually going to use these tools (the new unified development ordinance that took effect Sept 1) to create more walkable retail centers?” The N&O notes that “the discussion will be on the agenda for a future meeting of the council’s comprehensive planning committee.”

NORCHOA looks forward to being actively involved in that discussion. Stay tuned…

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