Follow the Plan by George Farthing

The following was published recently in Raleigh’s News and Observer.

In any discussions of rezoning and clear-cutting the 12-acre site on Falls of Neuse (“North Raleigh Publix plan draws fire,” Dec. 21 news article), I trust the city will live up to its word.

Raleigh’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan includes this action item: “Maintain and protect the character of the Falls of Neuse corridor adjacent to the Falls Lake watershed north of Durant Road by preserving the extensive roadside vegetation, the Falls Lake dam and Falls Community.” This land is the heart of the Falls corridor, less than a quarter mile from the Falls Lake entrance and likewise very close to the lovely Wilkerson Nature Preserve and the Neuse River.

Will we allow a Charlotte developer to undo Raleigh’s own plan, break a promise and cause irreparable harm to these beautiful, sensitive environmental attractions? I welcome responsible development, but development that does not harm residents and violate a trust between the city, its residents and natural resources.

George Farthing


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