Despite less than ideal weather and pauses for the holidays, the petition asking the City to not rezone the land at Dunn and Falls of Neuse now has more than 1700 signatures. More than 97% agree.

Our volunteers continue to knock on doors. Please let all of your friends and neighbors know that our canvassing for signatures will continue for at least a few more weeks. Often people are not at home which requires one or two return passes through a neighborhood. Also, there are a lot of streets in the area.

Clearly, the residents of this area are speaking with a loud voice that rezoning to permit a grocery store shopping plaza so close to our homes, and all of the wonderful recreational and natural resources in this area is not desired.

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  1. gf says:

    1700 seems like a long time ago. 🙂

  2. We have visited the area while on holiday and think it is beautiful but stores are taking more and more of this gorgeous land, wildlife has no where to go and once this woodland has gone it has gone for good. You have to ask, do you REALLY need yet another store, especially at such a high cost to this beautiful area? The answer should be NO, so stand up for this incredible area and shout NO, NO, NO from the roof tops.

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