Important Rezoning Update Evening of January 6, 2015

Today City Council voted 6 to 2 to grant a 60 day extension for the rezoning of Dunn and Falls of Neuse. The possible timeline is now as follows. The Planning Commission will have 60 days to make a recommendation to City Council. If it does, the Planning Commission could reach its recommendation between now and mid March. The recommendation would then be delivered to City Council possibly in March or possibly in April depending on the timing. Thus the earliest a hearing can be scheduled will likely be May.

Here is how the vote went.
Our District Councilor, John Odom, made a motion to grant the 60 day extension.
After the motion was seconded, a vote was taken.
Russ Stephenson and Wayne Maiorano voted against the extension. The remaining Councilors and the Mayor voted in favor of the extension.

Russ Stephenson and Wayne Maiorano both commented that the case has gone on for more than a year and needed to come to Council.

Russ Stephenson questioned the developer’s attorney, Mack Paul, extensively to determine if the developer will offer any plan that addresses the traffic and intensity concerns. The only plan that Mr. Paul referred to was one that adds townhouses to the plan where the traffic and intensity actually increase rather than decrease.

To his credit, Russ Stephenson stated that this rezoning proposal will NOT pass as is and that he sees no indication from the developer any intention to alter it so it can pass. He stated that it is a disservice to everyone involved to delay this case further.

Please write to Russ Stephenson at and Wayne Maiorano at to thank them for their support and for supporting sensible decision making and government.

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