Public Hearing Scheduled for February 10

A public hearing is scheduled for the Planning Commission is scheduled for Feb 10 at 9am in City Council chambers at 222 W. Hargett Street for the rezoning of Dunn and Falls of Neuse.

New conditions have been submitted:

A 29,000 square foot store with a total of 58,000 square feet of space.

As we reported last year, the City Transportation Department provided us estimates for two different sizes of retail: 75,000 square feet and 45,000 square feet. For 45,000 square feet the City estimated 4,041 trips a day. For 75,000 square feet the City estimated 5,633 trips a day. The original rezoning request was for 75,000 square feet and the developer’s traffic report estimated about 5,900 trips a day. So, the City’s estimates were a little on the low side.

Now, 58,000 square feet is about half way between 75,000 and 45,000. So, one might expect that the trip will be half way between 4,041 and 5,633 which would be about 4,800. Assuming this number to also be a little on the low side, one can expect perhaps 5,000 trips per day.

Clearly, even at this smaller size, the traffic impact will be significant.

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