Thank You! Together We Can!

Hello everyone,

This morning the rezoning of Dunn and Falls of Neuse is featured as a story on the front page of the News and Observer.  A little too much attention was focused on me.  However, making a story “personal”  helps to generate interest.

Nevertheless, I do think that this story helps us to convey our message about our concerns about the rezoning to a larger audience and helps us to eventually defeat this rezoning.  As the reporter (Andy Kenney) noted, he took the time to walk our neighborhoods and talk to a number of people.  He even went to the top the landfill park to get a birds-eye view.

He spoke to a number of people including Carolyn Gallo, Todd Bramwell, Kerry O’Sullivan, and Tim Niles who were also quoted but also behind the scenes to so many more including my very dear friend and founder of NORCHOA, Gene Senecal.  I think that Andy did a great job of conveying that WE collectively love where we live, love the nearby parks, and are, TOGETHER, working hard to preserve what we have and not turn Falls of Neuse into yet another Capital Blvd.

Here is a link to the story:

Let us now prepare – TOGETHER –  as this case moves forward to an eventual City Council hearing and conclusion.

Thank you ALL very much.  Without all of YOU, this story would have never happened.

David Cox
North Raleigh Coalition of Homeowners (NORCHOA)

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One Response to Thank You! Together We Can!

  1. Patricia Robinson says:

    Thank you and all the behind the scenes people for fighting this fight. I live in Bedford, signed a petition and sent an email to the City Council. My husband and I are behind NORCHOA one hundred percent! Let’s keep up the hard work, and hopefully, our voices will be heard. Pat Robinson

    Pat Sent from my iPad


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