We Need You There !!!

Hello everyone.

Although Publix is no longer expressing interest in Dunn and Falls of Neuse, the developer, Morgan Property Group remains determined to rezone the land to build a 58,000 square foot strip mall with parking for about 300 PLUS an unspecified amount of residential housing (apartments or town homes). This continued proposal to rezone the land will make an already difficult traffic situation impossible, clog Whittington and Dunn Roads, add light pollution, noise pollution, trash, vagrancy, and crime to our neighborhoods.

The only thing we have left is our determination to stand together. Soon City Council will set a date for a public hearing. The single most important action that we can do together is to attend the City Council hearing in very large numbers to demand that City Council vote NO on this rezoning.

As soon as we have a date and time you will see signs going up announcing the City Council hearing. These signs will look like the ones posted with this update. We will, of course, be announcing the hearing electronically. Two likely dates will be April 7 and May 5.

Stay tuned…

City Council Votes 222 W HARGETT ST Black_Blue_WeNeedYou Protect Falls

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