North Carolina Homeowners Form “PROTECT NORTH CAROLINA HOMEOWNERS” to Oppose Legislation to Repeal Homeowners’ Right to File Rezoning Protest Petitions


One hundred years ago our great-grandparents’ generation enacted zoning statutes to provide fair and predictable growth and development.  Part of those enacted statutes included a RIGHT for property owners adjacent to a proposed rezoning to file a Valid Statutory Protest Petition (or VSPP).

A VSPP requires a City Council to pass a rezoning with a 3/4 vote rather than a simple majority.  Protest petitions do not prevent rezoning.  However, they do raise the bar a bit to ensure that adjacent property owners are treated fairly.

VSPPs are a strong motivator for compromise and accommodation.  Without VSPPs adjacent property owners (notably homeowners) are at the mercy of wealthy developers who have the financial resources to contribute to political campaigns, hire lobbyists, and have regular access to politicians.  VSPPs level the playing field a bit to ensure that even homeowners with such resources get a fair shake.

Today there is an effort in the North Carolina Legislature to repeal VSPPs in the form of House Bill 201 sponsored by Representatives Paul Stam, Ken Goodman, Darren Jackson, and John Fraley.  Their bill will repeal a right that was established 92 years ago by our ancestors.  Every generation and legislative body since that time has upheld this important right – a right especially important to homeowners and potential home buyers.

If House Bill 201 passes, every homeowner and home buyer in the state will lose an important tool to protect their largest and most important investment – their homes.

PROTECT NORTH CAROLINA HOMEOWNERS is a grassroots movement designed to organize North Carolina homeowners into an effective political power specifically to protect this very important and fundamental RIGHT!

House Bill 201 is currently in the House Committee on Local Government.  We encourage every homeowner in North Carolina to write to the members of this Committee and demand that House Bill 201 be rejected and demand that the members of this Committee protect the rights of homeowners – a right created by our great-grandparents and handed down to us by our grandparents and parents.

Emails for the members of the Committee on Local Government are:

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