Homeowners Statewide Fight Repeal of Rezoning Protest Petitions 

For Immediate Release:

The Grassroots Movement, Protect North Carolina Homeowners, grows to include neighbors from Fuquay, Wilmington, and Greensboro.

Social media is working quickly to connect neighbors in far reaching places in North Carolina who have taken notice of the State Legislature’s attempt to repeal Valid Statutory Protest Petitions.  Within a few days numerous neighborhoods in Raleigh have connected to neighbors in Fuquay, Wilmington, and Greensboro to coordinate activities and exchange ideas.

House Bill 201 introduced by Representatives Paul Stam, Darren Jackson,  Ken Goodman, and John Fraley, will eliminate by a complete repeal of a nearly 100 year old right granted to homeowners to file a protest petition to protect their homes from harmful rezonings of adjacent properties.  Protest petitions require passage of a rezoning with a supermajority rather than a simple majority – giving homeowners equal footing with wealthy and powerful developers and lobbyists.  The right to file protest petitions has been upheld for generations.  Now, four people from both political parties promise to undo this important right.

In the coming week expect the grassroots movement, Protect North Carolina Homeowners, to quickly grow as more awareness grows of these egregious actions. 

Grow Raleigh Great
North Raleigh Coalition of Homeowners
Protect North Carolina Homeowners

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