Immediate Action Needed

Hello everyone,

We just received this note from Tom Miller of Durham. He is alerting groups statewide that the NC House will vote tomorrow (Monday, March 23) at 7pm on House Bill 201 that will repeal our right to file rezoning protest petitions. This bill has moved very quickly through the House Committee on Local Government.

In a last minute effort Representative Luebke submitted an amendment to save this nearly 100 year old right file rezoning protest petitions. A voice vote was taken and Representative Ford (who was running the meeting) declared that the amendment had failed. HOWEVER, the audio of the voice vote is available and a review of the audio clearly shows that the amendment had, in fact, passed.

What does this tell us? It tells us that the Luebke amendment to save rezoning protest petitions did, in fact, pass. However, Representative Ford disagreed and now the bill is going to the House floor for a vote. You can listen to the voice vote here on the NORCHOA YouTube Channel:…

Please email immediately the following representatives from Wake County and the Committee on Local Government. Time is of the essence:

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