Citizens Approve North Raleigh Site for Organic Grocery Store

Thursday, April 2, 2015. Citizens at Raleigh’s North Citizens Advisory Council unanimously approved Litchford and Falls of Neuse roads as an appropriate site for a 28,000 square foot organic grocery store.  Noting that the site is at the intersection of two main roads, is in close proximity to Interstate 540, within an already established commercial area, and not in a watershed, those in attendance voted unanimously to approve the rezoning request for the proposed grocer. It is expected that the project will go before the Planning Commission within the next several weeks.

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6 Responses to Citizens Approve North Raleigh Site for Organic Grocery Store

  1. CC says:

    This is good news. Will this possibly replace the 28,000 sq ft organic grocery store that might have gone in on dunn?

  2. This is how a rezoning is supposed to go. Where the people who live there and the developers work together. That is a WIN/WIN for everyone!

  3. Kirsten says:

    What store or company is looking to build at this site?

  4. Dragana says:

    That corner is already taken, BB&T is building a new branch and making a lot of noise already. Kroger at Wakefield has been siting empty for years, why not repurpose what’s already there? Wake Forest is drowning in swamps from overdevelopment already, we need to keep our trees.

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