An open letter to City Manager, Ruffin Hall.

Dear Mr. Hall,

I am writing regarding rezoning case Z-27-14, also known as the “remapping”.

As you know, the just concluded Z-1-14 rezoning case proposed to rezone several properties at Dunn and Falls of Neuse to NX-3.  As we all know Z-1-14 was denied for very good policy reasons: the proposed rezoning was out of scale and out of character with the surrounding area and neighborhoods, violated several Comprehensive Plan policies, was inappropriate for a watershed protection area, and was not suitable for the surrounding roads and neighborhood streets.  These reasons pertain directly to Z-27-14, the remapping.

As part of Z-27-14, the Planning Department has previously recommended that two of the properties at Dunn and Falls of Neuse be rezoned (i.e. “remapped”) to NX-3.  Given that Council has just denied rezoning of these parcels to NX-3 under Z-1-14, we would like to meet with you immediately to discuss how these parcels will, in fact, be rezoned (if at all) under Z-27-14.

If you could meet with us some evening, that would be most convenient for our neighbors who must juggle their work schedules.  This Wednesday evening several of us will, in fact, be attending Wayne Maiorano’s Town Hall meeting on Development.  However, for our specific questions regarding Dunn and Falls of Neuse, I would like to suggest that we meet to discuss perhaps some evening the following week.  Please advise when you might be available and if there are any updates regarding the remapping of these parcels.

Thank you very much,
North Raleigh Coalition of Homeowners

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2 Responses to NO REMAPPING

  1. BP says:

    The link for “This Wednesday evening” is not correct and not working.

    The link currently tries to go to, but I think perhaps it should go to

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