Tutorial on the Proposed Remapping of Dunn Road Properties

This post is a tutorial to discuss the proposed remapping of the Dunn Road properties and to compare/contrast with the rezoning that was denied about a week ago.  This is a short tutorial and we encourage you to read through to the end.

Here is a map of the area with the two properties outlined in yellow:

Dunn Map


The property closest to Falls of Neuse is 1.83 acres.  The other property next to the daycare is 2.31 acres.  Together they total 4.14 acres.

The Z-1-14 rezoning request that was denied by City Council last week asked to rezone these parcels to NX-3 with various conditions.  The City’s remapping effort is also a rezoning request known as Z-27-14.  The City’s Planning Department is asking City Council to rezone these parcels to NX-3 also with various conditions.

The conditions that the City is asking for are conditions that currently exist for these properties.  These conditions do not permit the following uses:

  • Utility substation
  • Penal facility
  • Telecommunications tower
  • Outdoor stadium
  • Parking deck or garage
  • Schools
  • Family or group homes or facilities
  • Supportive housing residences

These conditions were originally agreed to in 1994 when the properties were last rezoned.

Under current zoning there are other conditions referred to as “base” zoning conditions.  These include the following:

  • Retail is limited to 3,000 square feet per floor, per building
  • Fuel sales are NOT permitted
  • Drive-in’s and drive-thru’s are not permitted

NX-3 does NOT include these base conditions.  Thus, retail is UNLIMITED in size.  Fuel sales are permitted.  Drive-in’s are permitted.  Drive-thru’s are permitted.

Last week City Council denied rezoning to NX-3.  This week the Planning Department is requesting rezoning to NX-3.

What kind of retail can be built on 4.13 acres?  Here is the site of the newly constructed Earth Fare in Morrisville.  It is exactly 4 acres in size:

earth fare


Here is a picture of the Morrisville Earth Fare:

earth fare1


In effect the City Planning Department, rather than a developer, is asking for a zoning designation that will allow a grocery store to be built on the same property for which a rezoning request for the exact same zoning designation was denied by Council one week ago.

Effectively, the City is acting as proxy for developers who insist on harming our neighborhoods with a grocery store, gas station, and/or drive in fast food restaurants.


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