Despite acknowledging continued emails from citizens opposing the remapping of Dunn Road properties to NX, the Planning Department continues to push behind the scenes for remapping of those properties directly to NX and providing MAXIMUM entitlements to the property owners.  These entitlements include retail of unlimited square footage, fuel sales (e.g. gas stations), drive-ins, and drive-thus.

In a staff report dated yesterday, May 29, the Planning Department continues its relentless recommendation to City Council and is asking Council permission to begin sending out a FAQ to explain away its recommendation.  According to yesterday’s official update:

Remapping, Falls of Neuse and Dunn Roads
Staff Resource: Travis Crane, Planning, 996-2656,

Staff and Councilmembers continue to receive emails regarding the proposed UDO remapping of the Falls of Neuse and Dunn Road parcels. Staff anticipates that email traffic may increase as the July 7 public hearing date draws near.

Email messages have generally contained questions regarding the rezoning process and the relationship between the recently denied Z-1-14 zoning case and the UDO zoning map. Rather than providing generic responses to each email, staff believes there is value in sending an FAQ to address questions raised and provide accurate information related to the parcels. Included with the Update packet is a FAQ document drafted in an effort to bring clarity to this situation. Staff will begin sending out this FAQ next week in response to emails received.

This is breaking news and we will provide the FAQ as soon as possible.  Please check back.

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