As we approach July 4 one of our most important rights – the right to challenge a rezoning of property adjacent to our homes is quickly being taken away by the North Carolina legislature.

The protest petition right allows you and your neighbors to require 3/4 of City Council rather than a simple majority to vote for rezoning before a rezoning change passes.  This right to require a supermajority vote has existed for nearly 100 years.  Now, after intense lobbying by the North Carolina Home Builders Association, that right is about to be taken away.

A built called simply H201 passed the NC House several weeks ago.  Yesterday that bill passed overwhelmingly the Commerce Committee in the NC Senate.  Today that bill goes to the Senate floor.  The consensus of opinion is that this legislature will take this right away and that Governor McCrory will sign it.

Legislators from both parties support this bill. Republicans and Democrats both support taking this long held right away.  This is a clear example of money and influence buying votes.  There is no good reason to take away a right to protect our homes and neighborhoods.

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