Important Update

The City Council agenda shows that the Planning Commission will report on the rezoning case for Dunn and Falls of Neuse to City Council this Tuesday, March 3. The Council will then have 60 days to schedule a public hearing.

Any public hearing must give at least 10 days public notice but not more than 25 days. Because public hearings are typically held during evening sessions and those only happen once a month, there are two opportunities for a hearing: either April 7 or May 5.

We will provide another update as soon as we get more information.

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Words to Live By

These people represent the neighborhoods of Greystone, Emerald Chase, Crosswinds and Steeple Chase with over 1,500 homes. The overwhelming response from the citizens in this area is “Please, no more shopping centers” and “We need more open space and less dense development.”

– Nancy McFarlane, 2002 address to City Council fighting a rezoning near her home at Lead Mine and Strickland

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Dunn/Falls of Neuse Rezoning and Responsible Stewardship

Dear Neighbors

Soon the rezoning of Dunn and Falls of Neuse will be decided. How it will be decided remains anyone’s guess. The only thing we who live in the area can say with certainty is what we hope the outcome will be.

More than 3700 have signed a petition and 522 have voted at the request of the City’s Citizens Advisory Council that the proposed development at Dunn and Falls of Neuse is not reasonable or responsible development. Raleigh doesn’t need nor should it encourage another sprawling shopping center.

We encourage the property owners to develop the land according to the current zoning which allows a mix of small offices, homes, and small retail which will fit in well with the surrounding neighborhoods and parks. Such growth and development is responsible and represents good stewardship – particularly to the Falls Lake Park and Annie Wilkerson Nature Preserve that are across the street and the Richland Creek watershed where the land is located.

Surely, smart, responsible development is something that we all can agree on.


David Cox, Gene Senecal
North Raleigh Coalition of Homeowners

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Sprouts or Publix? Its All High Impact Commercial

High impact commercial is not appropriate for residential and across the street from Falls Lake Park and the Annie Wilkerson Nature Preserve.  It will cause unacceptable traffic problems and will spoil a beautiful area turning it into another Glenwood Avenue near the entrance of Umstead Park or another Capital Blvd.

Here are photos of Sprouts Farmers Markets in their home state of Arizona.

sprouts1 sprouts3 sprouts4 sprouts6 sprouts9

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Pictures from City Council

If you are looking for information about the rezoning of Dunn and Falls of Neuse and what will be happening next visit:

Here are several pictures from a recent Raleigh City Council meeting where citizens turned out in force to protest a rezoning near Meredith College.  The proposed housing is illustrated as the massive structure in some of the pictures.  This structure is shown in context with the surrounding homes.

These pictures will provide a sense of what it is like to attend a rezoning hearing at City Council.








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Hello everyone, Please pass this message on to as many people as possible. Post it on your Facebook timeline. Tweet it if you can. Call all of your neighbors, family, and friends. Nock on doors.  The time for ACTION is now!

There are just two meetings left before a final decision is made on the rezoning of Dunn and Falls of Neuse. The first of these meetings is this coming Tuesday, Feb 10, at 9am in City Council chambers at 222 W. Hargett Street when the matter returns to the City Planning Commission.

We are asking everyone who can to attend this meeting.

The developer has submitted new conditions that amount to a reduction of the overall size by 13% from 67,000 square feet to 58,000 square feet. We estimate that this will continue to result in a traffic impact of more than 5000 trips a day from people visiting the proposed strip mall from outside the area. Previously, the developer had estimated about 6000 such “non-pass-by” trips a day. The site will continue to have very limited access almost exclusively from Dunn Road.

Please make every effort to attend these last two meetings. After Tuesday our last opportunity to attend and speak to City Officials about the rezoning will be at the City Council hearing. The date of the City Council hearing will be determined depending on the outcome at Tuesday’s Planning Commission meeting.

By attending these two meetings together we can defeat this rezoning request. Let’s show them what we can do together. Just as we did at last June’s CAC meeting – let’s make history.

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Public Hearing Scheduled for February 10

A public hearing is scheduled for the Planning Commission is scheduled for Feb 10 at 9am in City Council chambers at 222 W. Hargett Street for the rezoning of Dunn and Falls of Neuse.

New conditions have been submitted:

A 29,000 square foot store with a total of 58,000 square feet of space.

As we reported last year, the City Transportation Department provided us estimates for two different sizes of retail: 75,000 square feet and 45,000 square feet. For 45,000 square feet the City estimated 4,041 trips a day. For 75,000 square feet the City estimated 5,633 trips a day. The original rezoning request was for 75,000 square feet and the developer’s traffic report estimated about 5,900 trips a day. So, the City’s estimates were a little on the low side.

Now, 58,000 square feet is about half way between 75,000 and 45,000. So, one might expect that the trip will be half way between 4,041 and 5,633 which would be about 4,800. Assuming this number to also be a little on the low side, one can expect perhaps 5,000 trips per day.

Clearly, even at this smaller size, the traffic impact will be significant.

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