Hello Everyone,

Tomorrow is the day of the so-called remapping hearing. It will take place tomorrow night (Tuesday, July 7) at 7pm in City Council Chamber at 222 W. Hargett Street.

 We have a valid statutory protest petition which means that we can stop the remapping with just 3 votes – exactly as we did for the rezoning. You might have heard that the legislature did away with protest petitions. The bill that is in the legislature only applies to rezoning cases filed on or after August 1, 2015. The remapping case (which is actually a rezoning) was filed in 2014. So, we are good to go!

 It will be important for as many people as possible to attend this meeting to impress upon council that we have not lost our resolve. Please join me!

 And as always, if you have any questions, please contact me at norchoa@gmail.com.

 Thank you all!, David Cox

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Recognition for Our Impact

By David Cox

At the end of this week’s News and Observer podcast known as the Domecast, a panel nominates who they think the week’s headliners should be. One was Governor Pat McCrory. Another was, surprisingly, me.

In this week’s Domecast I was nominated as a so-called headliner for the impact we have had regarding protest petitions.  

This is recognition that a group of citizens can, in fact, have an impact even at the state level (clearly, I could not have done this alone).  

Although the outcome for protest petitions might not turn out as we want, we shouldn’t be discouraged. The next election for state senators and representatives will be in 2016. 

We can build on what we have started and vote these people out. This headliner nomination is a warning.

To listen to the Domecast follow this link: 



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Show Your Support For Protest Petitions !


Click the picture or this link to Save Protest Petitions 

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Click on the picture to learn moreprotest petitions repealed

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Today the North Carolina Senate voted to repeal homeowners right to challenge a rezoning of adjacent land with a protest petition.  More to follow.

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Breaking News!!! Senator John Alexander will vote NO on bill to repeal protest petitions

We are having an impact!  I just received the following note from Senator John Alexander:


Thank you for sharing your concerns with me about HB 201. I will be voting “no” today on HB 201.

Thanks again.
Senator John M. Alexander, Jr.


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July 1, 2015

Just days before our July 4th celebration members of the Commerce Committee of the North Carolina Senate voted overwhelmingly to repeal homeowner’s right to file a rezoning protest petition.  The measure is expected to go before the full North Carolina Senate today.

In a stunning turn of events, North Carolina Senators bowed to the power and influence of the North Carolina Home Builders Association and approved a measure that will take away a nearly 100 year old right of North Carolinians to effectively challenge rezoning of land directly adjacent to home owners.  For 100 years home owners concerned about a rezoning could compel City councils to adopt rezoning only if three-fourths of the council members agreed.  To put this into perspective, Raleigh has 7 Councilors and the Mayor for a total of 8 votes.  With a protest petition 6 votes are needed to pass a rezoning.  Without a protest petition only 5 votes are needed.  This difference of 1 vote is what Senators are taking away.

However, this 1 vote can make all the difference.  It can be enough to compel a developer to change a project to mitigate the harm that could come to adjacent home owners and entire neighborhoods.  Protest petitions do not stop rezonings.  They only raise the bar for approval by requiring an additional vote.  When it comes to building next door to homes and neighborhoods, shouldn’t the bar be set just a little bit higher as it has for the past 100 years?

If the measure passes the full Senate today, it will then go to Governor McCrory for his signature.  If Governor McCrory signs this egregious bill that stomps on the rights of every single homeowner in the state, it will become law and an important right first established three generations ago will be history.

Please pass this press release on to all of your friends, family, and neighbors.  Post this link to your Facebook pages and all of your other social media such as Twitter.  Let’s get the word out about what is happening:


You can contact the legislators with these email addresses.  But honestly, most of them are not listening.  They have aligned themselves with the Homebuilders Association.

All House Members: HouseE-mail@ncleg.net
All Senate Members: SenateE-mail@ncleg.net

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