Parking for the City Council Hearing

Parking is pretty straight forward. In this picture, the municipal building where the Council chambers are located is circled in red. Circled in purple are two parking garages. The parking garage adjacent to the municipal building has 476 spaces. The other garage two blocks away has 900 spaces.  If we need more than that, then the City will have a serious problem on its hands.


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Feeling Special !!!


May 12, 2015 at 6:30 pm is not a regularly scheduled City Council meeting. It will be devoted entirely to the rezoning of Dunn and Falls of Neuse in Raleigh, NC.




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It is April 7!! 35 Days to Go!!

35 DAYS TO GO !!!


MAY 12, 6:30 PM !!!

City Council VotesBlack_Blue_WeNeedYou222 W HARGETT ST



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Stagner vs Maiorano

In 2013 newcomer Wayne Maiorano defeated Randy Stagner for the District A seat on City Council by 250 votes.  Today District A neighborhoods are embroiled in rezoning battles at Dunn and Falls of Neuse and at Six Forks and Strickland.

Today the News and Observer is reporting that Randy Stagner is interested in another seat on City Council and is seriously considering challenging Wayne Maiorano for the District A seat.

The same article notes that District C Councilor, Eugene Weeks, is facing a challenge from Corey Branch. And District E Councilor, Bonner Gaylord, is facing a challenge from DeAntony Collins. District E is home to another massive rezoning on Glenwood just inside the beltline as well as a pending rezoning for Leesville Road.


For 2015 the single most important issue is neighborhood protection.  To all of our candidates, where do you stand on protecting and preserving neighborhoods?  Rezonings are pending at Dunn and Falls of Neuse, Raven Ridge and Falls of Neuse, Six Forks and Strickland, Leesville Road, Glenwood Avenue, Buffaloe and New Hope.  Without a doubt more neighborhoods will face such rezonings over the next few years. We must preserve and protect our neighborhoods.

Thus, we offer all 2015 Candidates an opportunity through this web site to provide us with clear answers.  How will you protect our neighborhoods?  To what extent do you value the voice of Citizens who, in the thousands, are opposing rezonings near their homes? 

 Let us know.

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Citizens Approve North Raleigh Site for Organic Grocery Store

Thursday, April 2, 2015. Citizens at Raleigh’s North Citizens Advisory Council unanimously approved Litchford and Falls of Neuse roads as an appropriate site for a 28,000 square foot organic grocery store.  Noting that the site is at the intersection of two main roads, is in close proximity to Interstate 540, within an already established commercial area, and not in a watershed, those in attendance voted unanimously to approve the rezoning request for the proposed grocer.  Neighbors thanked the developer for working with them, providing numerous meetings, and making concessions for buffers and drainage.  It is expected that the project will go before the Planning Commission within the next several weeks.

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Dunn/Falls of Neuse Protest Petitions Saved by Last Minute Amendment

Today the NC House had a third and final reading of House Bill 201 to repeal homeowners’ right to file a rezoning protest petition.  The bad news is that the House reaffirmed yesterday’s vote and passed the bill with today’s final vote.  The measure now moves to the Senate where we vow to fight its passage.

The good news (such as it is) is that existing protest petitions are grandfathered.  This means that the protest petitions for Dunn and Falls of Neuse remain intact.

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NC House Votes to Repeal Homeowners’ Right to File Rezoning Protest Petitions

Today the NC House voted on bill 201 to repeal the right of homeowners to file a protest petition to raise the bar on rezonings.  For nearly 100 years citizens in North Carolina have had the right to challenge rezonings with protest petitions and requiring a 3/4 vote of City Council to pass a rezoning rather than a simple majority.  By raising the bar citizens increase the likelihood that property will be developed in a way that is fair to the developer and to the adjacent property owners.  There was never a guarantee that fairness would happen.  But the protest petition did increase the chances.

 So, how did the Representatives vote today?  81 voted in favor of House Bill 201 and 31 voted against it.  This means that 81 members of the NC House voted to take away your right to file a protest petition and raise the bar on rezoning requests.  In Raleigh raising the bar means that six votes would be needed instead of five votes (out of eight) to pass a rezoning.  The majority of Representatives, however, feel that this one extra vote was so unfair to developers that they decided to take it away from you, the homeowner.

 To see exactly which Representatives voted yes and which voted no, you can visit this page:

 You can write to the entire House at this email address to express your thoughts about this vote to take away this modest right to protect your single most important investment: your home.  To reach all the Representatives in the house write to:

 In particular, you should also write to Representative Paul Stam (a Wake County Republican) and Representative Darren Jackson (a Wake County Democrat) who co-sponsored this bill.

  • Mr. Stam can be reached at
  • Mr. Jackson can be reached at

 I am personally very sorry about this result.  I know we all tried to convince our elected Representatives to preserve this right.  Thank you all for joining with me.  We tried and that is all we can do.

David Cox

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