Rezoning Case In Limbo

Three days ago the case for rezoning Dunn and Falls of Neuse went to City Council.  Council formally accepted the case and immediately requested a new traffic study.  The new traffic study was requested because the applicants (i.e. property owners) for the rezoning had submitted new conditions for the rezoning.  Primarily these new conditions were for a total of 58,000 square feet of retail space (with no single building larger than 29,000 square feet) and an unlimited amount of residential (e.g. townhouses and apartments).

These are the conditions that the Planning Commission used for their recommendation to the City Council.

These are the conditions that all the news media (TV and newspapers) have been reporting.

These are the conditions that Mayor McFarlane conveyed to us and reiterated with on on-air TV interview.


We found out on Tuesday that these conditions were not signed off on by all the property owners!

We are still trying to figure out what this means.  Who signed off on the new conditions and when?  Who didn’t sign off?  What is the state of the rezoning request?  Was the Planning Commission recommendation valid?  Who knew what and when?  When will the new traffic study be done if the conditions are not valid?

These questions are why we delayed in sending an update on Tuesday’s meeting.  And, they remain unanswered.

Please stay tuned as this saga continues…



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